The nightlife in Quito is quite busy as it is the capital of the city. Between restaurants, bars, breweries, rooftops, nightclubs, viewpoints, squares, etc. Wherever or whatever the face of God will bring you very fun nights.

There are different sectors of the capital where you can enjoy good and fun moments with your friends and family. Around the entire city from north to south you will find lots of bars for all tastes; from the most modern to bohemian style.

Going from the north you find the section of the Shyris grandstand where you can find various bars and karaoke for fun. Similarly, many young people often go with their cars and park in that sector to listen to music, talk with friends and take one or two drinks.

Exactly on the other side of the Shyris is República del Salvador Street, a sector full of restaurants and coffee shops. This street is quite busy and safe, very suggested for a little more elegant dinners, since you can find from Italian restaurants to Koreans.