In the blink of an eye came December and with this brought Christmas and the end of the year celebration. These two are times to meet with friends, share moments and celebrate big. In the capital you can find some very typical activities this season.

The lights begin to shine and shine throughout the city. The shopping centers decorate their exteriors with many lights and immense Christmas trees. Strategic points of the city are also embellished with Christmas, such as the historic center, parks, the muffin with its giant birth.

Christmas dinners or lunches are inevitable, so it is a busy and busy season for restaurants and hotels. Booking in advance is very important on these dates. Whether with friends, family or colleagues, there will not be a moment to share.

If what you want is to make purchases for your family or friends it is important to make them in advance, since the shopping centers are crowded with people in the days close to Christmas. Additionally, you can take advantage of the discount nights offered by certain credit cards where even the premises remain open until late at night

The birth of Jesus is very important for the majority of Catholic capitalists, so all this is represented through the elaboration and decoration of the famous "birth", a representation with figures of Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus. In the center of Quito you can enjoy exhibitions of different and creative births.