This December the Ecuadorian capital celebrates 484 years of foundation. A festive time and a lot of Quito pride for its citizens. Between canelazos, chivas, parades, 40 and more is celebrated to the face of God.

The celebrations of Quito begin with the election of the Queen of Quito. Among 10 young ladies, the representative of the city who is responsible for collaborating and participating in each of the social and other projects established by the Queen of Quito Foundation is selected.

Another of the most popular events are the popular parades that take place throughout the city. Beginning with the Parade of the Confraternidad in the north as in the south. Spaces where the public can enjoy traditional and modern dances that seek to pay homage to Quito. Also, there are several schools and colleges that pay tribute to the city through their civic parades.

The popular chivas, a kind of truck where people sing and dance, fill the streets of the capital with its music and festive atmosphere. And at this time you could easily find a chiva in each corner. With its delicious canelazo and its festive music they make all its passengers enjoy. The chivas are very typical for celebrations in the places of work or for birthdays.

Art festivals have also become a main part in the celebration of the parties in Quito. These musical shows are also given throughout the city and with different musical rhythms for the public. From the most listened traditional bands to the most modern musical groups.

For fun moments can not miss the traditional games such as bagging, marbles, tomato dance, choice of pretty Quito and chulla Quito, among others, but all the famous 40. This card game is the most popular in the city and they play it from beginners to the most expert (with bets) accompanied by a good Quito canelazo.

Without a doubt, there are many events that the capital has to offer on these festive dates to celebrate big with family and friends. That is, whatever the event you choose, always go with a lot of responsibility and care.