Fabulous lights illuminate the Historic Center of Quito

The Festival of Light arrives this summer in Quito with its third edition to once again marvel the eyes of each of the people who attend this great show. For this year the event will be held from August 8 to August 12.

And the dates are not pure coincidence, since in this edition it is intended to commemorate the First Cry of Independence that is celebrated on August 10 of each year. Additionally, this event is part of the extensive agenda of the Summer of the Arts in Quito.

18 patrimonial spaces will be intervened in the Historic Center of Quito. Among those that most cause expectation are the square and facade of San Francisco, the interior of the church of La Compañia de Jesus, the Galápagos street - familiarly known as "La Guaragua" - and the Arco de la Reina.

This show has offered another vision to the Quito architecture that was a little forgotten, especially by its inhabitants. Through the light and colors that adorn each of the churches, buildings and historical monuments of Quito; they are reborn in front of the public.

This festival has its origin in the city of Lyon (the third most populated in France) that every December 8 is lit to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate. According to custom, its inhabitants decorate their windows with multicolored crystals and illuminated with a candle.

The Municipality of Quito has been organizing this party several months in advance with the desire that each of the attendees can live it in the best way.

The Historic Center of Quito will become pedestrian starting at 6:00 pm during these 5 days of celebration. Additionally, you can find several maps to locate the authorized food and drink sites where you can enjoy the traditional seasoning. Also, hygienic services and free hydration points. Find them at http://fdl.quitocultura.info/