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Again a rest for the Ecuadorians. And it is that for different dates or special celebrations a holiday is given for all the citizens of Ecuador. And the usual question is, what will we do on the holiday? Taking into account whether it is decided to leave the city of residence or not.

For those who decide to stay in the capital or those who live close to it and wish to visit on this holiday, here we will give you some ideas of what activities to perform on the holiday in Quito.

For those who enjoy nature and sports The Metropolitan Park of the South or North are a great option. Where will you find extensive spaces of green areas. Here you can enjoy a good walk along the park or for the more adventurous a bike ride along the slopes or dirt roads.

In the same way, they are an ideal place to make the famous family picnics or among friends. So you can rent grills for a very comfortable price to make a good barbecue. And without a doubt it is a friendly space for dog friends.

If you like the historical and cultural part more, Quito has several museums and churches that you can visit. There you can learn a little more about the history of the capital and immerse yourself in the rich culture it has.

If you go to the Historical Center you will find in a single place several places to visit. The wax museum is one of the most famous and ancient where you can experience what was the massacre of August 2, 1810. The museum of the city where you can see exhibitions of the ancient Quito societies. Museum of colonial art where you will travel through the Cultural Heritage of the city.

Also, you will have at your disposal the church The Basilica, The Company of Jesus, San Francisco, among other sacred temples where you can enter and enjoy the architecture and beauty of these places.

Another option for the holiday, taking into account the climate that accompanies them, may be the spas that are close to Quito. The thermal waters in El Tingo located in the area of ​​the Valley of the Chillos. The Cunuyacu spa is another option for water lovers; these pools are supplied with the water that comes down from Ilaló. The spa of La Moya to the southeast of the capital has several swimming pools, green areas and food stalls.

In addition to this, you can always find occasional or special events for the holiday, such as plays, comedy shows, food fairs, flea fairs, sporting events and much more. You can find out about these events through the pages of Quito Turismo or Municipality of Quito.