The Historic Center of Quito is considered the best preserved historical complex and one of the most important in Latin America. In 1978 it was declared by UNESCO as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, filling with great pride all Quito and Ecuadorians.

Quito was born from the ashes by General Rumiñahui who decided to burn the city before giving it to the Spanish conquistadors. From that, the city was reconstructed under the name of San Francisco de Quito.

The Historic Center of Quito has the magic of transporting those who visit it to past times, while walking through its cobbled streets and cobbled sidewalks dazzling with each of its unique buildings.

The center has countless churches, palaces, monuments that tell the story of Quito and Ecuador. With approximately 130 monumental buildings housing a great diversity of pictorial and sculptural art, mainly of a religious nature inspired by a multifaceted range of schools and styles.

The delicious aroma of traditional Ecuadorian food is felt at every step in the Historic Center of Quito. Seasoning is an inheritance that is transmitted from generation to generation. You can taste the most delicious typical food such as: dried goat, fried, llapingachos, broth of chicken, corvinas, guatita and even ice cream with the most peculiar flavors you can imagine.

But food is not all there is in the center, since in recent years lodging establishments have become fashionable. Ancient houses that present the history of Quito in the most luxurious way possible. Places where you will live tradition and luxury at the same time.

The Historical Center of Quito can visit it day or night to admire its streets and buildings. The Municipality of Quito has established security personnel around the center to ensure a safe visit and additionally, provide support as tourist guides to visitors.