The tourism sector in Ecuador has been increasing in recent years in order to present and share our wealth to the rest of the world. For this reason, the hotel complexes have multiplied to accommodate all the tourists that visit the country.

The Ecuadorian hotelier fulfills his work under the umbrella of the Hotel Federation of Ecuador (Ahotec), which on August 22 celebrates its classic day, recognized by the Ministry of Tourism on August 20, 1997.

The AHOTEC was created exactly 62 years ago on a day like today after several changes become the Hotel Federation of Ecuador. It was a milestone to have established the same date for the creation and celebration of the day of the Ecuadorian hotelier.

AHOTEC is an institution that is responsible for ensuring the rights and optimal performance of hoteliers. In addition, it organizes and coordinates the main tourist activities carried out in the country. With the support of the Ministry of Tourism has conducted international tourism campaigns which have been widely accepted by the foreign population.

This date is a great recognition for all hoteliers working in the sector. It is a reason for celebration and satisfaction for each of the tourism entrepreneurs who have been forming this important organization.