The Ecuadorian gastronomy has stood out for its intense and unique flavors along with its great variety of foods. Quito, being the capital of Ecuador, offers its visitors a variety of typical dishes from all Ecuadorian regions. Despite not having a meal of the capital, tourists can taste the Ecuadorian seasoning in every corner where they go. From a very luxurious restaurant to the hollows best known to all Quito.

Visitors to the capital can enjoy dishes ranging from $ 2.00 to $ 40.00 (when it comes to author's food or gourmet food) but this will depend on the taste and pocket of each person. Either way, in the place you decide to visit for sure you can enjoy the Ecuadorian flavors.

Those who enjoy a good soup or broth may find many options to delight your palate. A broth of chicken is a soup accompanied by rice or barley, carrots, peas and of course a good chicken prey. The yahuarlocro is a very unique dish of Ecuadorian cuisine, a soup made with potatoes that contains the guts of the sheep as a special ingredient; It is accompanied by avocado, onions and lamb's blood.

The broth of legs is a soup that takes the legs of beef or chanco and accompanied with the traditional mote; They say that this broth helps cure the hangover. The encebollado enters the same category as the previous one and with that we mean that it helps to cure the chuchaqui (Ecuadorian term for hangover). It is a dish native to the coastal region that is basically a fish stock accompanied by yucca and a lot of pickled red onion as its name indicates.

Passing to the main course we find the delicious llapingachos, a dish made with potato omelettes with cheese dipped in peanut sauce along with chorizos, accompanied by avocado, lettuce, tomato and fried egg. Frying is another traditional meal of the Ecuadorian highlands, the main ingredient is fried pork and is accompanied by mote or corn, roasted, tanned, avocado and fried mature.

The guatita is a very popular dish, it comes to be a stew based on pieces of cow's stomach and that can be accompanied by rice or potatoes or both together with lettuce, tomato and avocado. The dry goat is a stew made from goat meat, it is consumed with yellow rice, avocado and ripe fried.

Finally, for those who enjoy the sweet could not miss the typical Ecuadorian desserts. Espumilla is a creamy merengue type foam, prepared with blackberry or guava pulp, egg whites and sugar. Figs with cheese are a mixture of flavors, combining the preserved figs in a sugary syrup with a piece of salty cheese.

If you like ice cream, Ecuador is the right place, since at least in each city you will find ice cream. In the capital this dessert is very popular among tourists and is that an ice cream made from fruits and ice prepared in a bronze paila can captivate even the most bitter palate.